Saltanimals is a multi-paneled work where tiny animals are hand-painted in salt water on black paper. As the water dries, the unique crystalline structure of the Dead Sea water and the Great Salt Lake water becomes visible. The properties of these salt water sources have continued to change and respond to the work's environment over the years, at times, re-liquifying, changing color, and really taking on a life of their own. Saltanimals has become the subject of a collaborative study by crystallographer Dr. Gili Cohen-Taguri and paper conservator Noa Cahaner-McManus, and our collaborative work as well as a Saltanimals panel is on display at the NANO Fetter Museum of Nanoscience and Art.

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Saltanimals (2006)
evaporated salt water from the Great Salt Lake, Utah
and the Dead Sea, on black paper
20" x 128"

saltanimals (detail)

Crystallography Lab in Tel Aviv

Saltanimals display at NANO Joseph Fetter Museum of Nanoscience and Art / Climate and humidity controlled environment has stabilized the salt crystalls