Villa of the Mysteries: Department of Eagles
Mount Vesuvius, Roman fertility cults, and the Belgian
conceptual artist Marcel Broodthaers are among
the cast members of this series of work. These delicate
studies are an attempt to merge the bold sensuality
of ancient Roman art with the more cerebral language
of late 20th Century Conceptual Art. Proposed as a
series of lessons, these works present a fertility ritual
for the dry, impotent climes of contemporary art.

gouache, ink, and charcoal on paper
9" x 12"

Jan Baum Gallery, September 2007

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Lesson #1 - Introduction to Eagles
Lesson #2 - How to Fly Lesson #3 - Triomphe de Moules Lesson #4 - Bacchus to Broodthaers Lesson #5 - The Origins of Bees and Eagles Lesson #6 - Paternity Aphrodite Adjusting Her Sandal
to Carefully Tread the Basaltic Beeswax
Presentation of the Birds and the Bees
ink, graphite, and smoke on paper
ink, graphite, and smoke on paper
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
oil on canvas