Department of Nocturnal Affairs (DNA)

The DNA is a creative project by artists Tal Yizrael
and Caroline Maxwell. Envisioned as both a work of
installation and performance art, the DNA has opened
field offices in various public spaces around the
Los Angeles area to collect reports of nocturnal
wildlife sightings.

Currently, the DNA is expanding its research into
issues such as light pollution, deviant behavior in
nocturnal animals, and the incarceration and
rehabilitation of nocturnal animals.

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DNA Color Studies (2009)
custom-blended oil paint on exposed photographic paper

These color studies were created using DNA's "Light Pollution Spectrum Oil Paints." Each painting contrasts sky colors from different Los Angeles neighborhoods. The photographic paper used was exposed to the light of the night sky and then developed, turning the paper black.

DNA Light Pollution Spectrum Oil Paints (2009)

Hand-crafted, each of these hues are mixed to match the color of the night sky in various Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Currently available hues are:

Downtown L.A., Boyle Heights, Vernon, Silverlake,
Echo Park, Huntington Park, Atwater Village, Pasadena, Altadena, South Pasadena, Alhambra, Hollywood

Saltmoons (2009)
carved and polished animal salt-licks